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Bio Diversity


Flora of Corbett National Park: 

Corbett National Park is very famous for its rich and varied flora.In Corbett national park there are many species of trees, herbs, shrubs, bamboos, grasses, ferns, orchids, Wetlandvegetation, Woody climbers and Non-flowering plants have been founded. The important flora of the Corbett NationalPark consists of the evergreen Sal, Sheesam, Dhak, Kanju, Pipal, Haldu, Rohini, lichi and Mangos trees. These treescover almost 74% of the park. The 10% of the region consists of grasslands.

Fauna of Corbett National Park:

Corbett National Park is one of the famous well saved wildlife NationalPark in India. Various tourists come every year to see the Fauna of this park. Corbett Tiger Reserve defined varioustourism zones inside the park for tourist to view various species of Fauna and enjoy the wildlife fully.

Main Fauna – Corbett National Park

Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Asian Elephant, Hog Deer,Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Chital, Sambar Deer, Wild Boar, Black Face Monkey, Rhesus Monkey, and Jackal.




Corbett is the paradise of birdwatcher there are more then 600 speciesof birds Long Tail, White Bush chat, Oriental-Pied hornbill , Emerald Dove, Red Wattle Lapwing, the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Kingfisher, Indian Shirks, Indian Alpine Swift, Woodpecker, Laughing Thrush, Vulture, Parakeet, Kales Pheasant, Oriole, Common Grey Hornbill, Duck, Stork, Cormorant, Parrot, Indian Roller and many more.




Indian Crocodile, Gharial, King Cobra, Russels viper, python and Monitor Lizard.



Mahaseer, Troude, Kalimuchi, Goonch, Kalabasu, chilwa and many more.